Student Belonging Survey 

Feeling respected, valued, liked, and cared about by adults and peers is central to students’ engagement and motivation. We have developed a free, easy-to-use, survey you can use with students to measure their sense of belonging in your classroom and school. This survey asks students to reflect and self-report on their sense of belonging in the school and classroom.  

You can allow students to submit anonymously or encourage students to write the number that reflects their level of agreement. Simply circling their level of agreement as the survey directs can feel visible to those seated nearby. Writing the number associated with their level of agreement provides more privacy. 

If you have a classroom environment where students feel safe being honest and transparent, you can kick off community building with this survey. If there is concern that students might not provide authentic answers, you can move the survey until after the other New Year Teacher Toolkit community-building activities: Teacher (Re)Introduction, Student Name, and Community Guidelines Building. 

Feel free to edit, change, and or remove questions. Additionally, you can change the number of questions you would like students to reflect on.

The New Year Teacher Toolkit is a collection of resources for teachers looking to build intentional school culture and classroom routines with their students as partners.

Student Belonging Survey

Belonging Begins in School. Re-Imagining Migration believes that communities thrive when schools build belonging among all their students. The inverse is also true. Communities suffer when schools don’t meet the needs of their changing populations. Download our free student belonging survey below. Reach out to for a Google Doc version that you can edit.


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