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Re-Imagining Migration leverages schools and other educational spaces to promote knowledge, understanding, and lifelong habits of mind among immigrant and non-immigrant youth in a world of migration and demographic change. These efforts strengthen our diverse communities, counter polarization, xenophobia, and hate, and transform migration from a crisis to an opportunity. We achieve this by re-imagining education as a vehicle for building belonging, which involves:

  • Promoting understanding of immigrant-origin youth among educators.
  •  Creating bridging opportunities for young people to learn with and from each other across their differences.
  •  Providing professional learning opportunities and resources for educators to understand the role of migration in community development over time and across the world.


Re-Imagining Migration's work with schools and school districts helps schools capitalize on the opportunities that come in times of change to refocus on their efforts on meeting the academic, civic, and social emotional needs of all students. Our approach is grounded in the Re-Imagining Migration research-based, practice-informed framework.

If you are interested in bringing Re-Imagining Migration to your community, school, or cultural institution, reach out.

A Whole School Approach

In our work with schools, districts, and educational networks, educators are offered resources and training to:

Understand immigrant-origin youth in a wider context.

Identify essential mindsets for students in a changing world.

Teach about migration as a shared human experience.

Foster inclusive learning environments.

Provide valuable professional development for staff.

RM Line (1)

The Re-Imagining Migration Framework identifies key academic, civic, & social mindsets for creating a world on the move.


Understand perspectives, out own and others' emphatically.


Inquire about human migration with care and nuance.


Communicate & build relationships across differences.


Recognize power & inequities in human experience and migration.


Take action to foster inclusive and sustainable societies.

Our work begins with the recognition that belonging is at the heart of successful learning. Therefore, building relationships between school faculty, students, and their families is foundational to the life of a school. All educators and school staff, regardless of the subjects they teach or their role in the building, need to understand the students they serve, including the assets they bring into the classroom as well as the challenges and obstacles they face.

Positive school cultures are enhanced through curriculum and teaching methods. Our research-based approach highlights essential academic, social-emotional, and civic skills and dispositions that prepare young people for an ever-evolving world. To cultivate lifelong learning, we offer adaptable teaching tools designed to be used in a wide range of learning environments. These tools are integrated into instruction to foster engagement, academic rigor, and prioritize student voice. Furthermore, our approach involves a reimagining of the curriculum to ensure that students see themselves in lessons and are encouraged to make connections between what they are learning and their own lives. One way we do that is by providing academic resources and teacher support to deepen understanding of migration. Migration is not just a subject in our model; it serves as a perspective through which students explore various academic disciplines.

Beyond the curriculum or any individual classroom, we share best practices for school teams to adapt that focus on creating inclusive school climates that are designed to ensure that all students can thrive. Using observation tools and climate surveys, school teams use the Re-Imagining Migration framework to craft action plans addressing identified challenges and building on successful practices.

Finally, our comprehensive approach urges schools to reconsider educator professional development to foster the necessary mindset shifts and skill development required to effectively support Immigrant-Origin learners and their peers.

We provide services that lead to systemic and lasting improvements:

 Ground-breaking climate assessment tools

Professional development for educators on best practices for supporting immigrant-origin youth

Curriculum, resources, material and support for teaching about migration to support welcoming, inclusive communities

Research-informed interactive storytelling projects that build bridges between students in a time of polarization

System-wide learning opportunities creating whole school change 

Community wide collaboration with cultural institutions and local organizations to reinforce and deepen the change A national campaign partnership to help change the narrative about immigrants and immigrant-origin youth

If you are interested in bringing Re-Imagining Migration to your community, school, or cultural institution, reach out.

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