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At the heart of Re-Imagining Migration are the resources we’ve thoughtfully curated for real-time application of our framework for the students of today.


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How is Migration Impacting Our Students?

Posted on June 26, 2024 What Should We Know to Ensure They Can Thrive? Migration shapes the lives of students in profound ways. With 27% of the…

Grade Levels: Elementary, High School, Middle School
Types: Articles/Research, Planning Tools

Belonging Checklist

Introduction to the Building Belonging Checklist Creating a sense of belonging in the classroom is essential for fostering an inclusive and supportive learning environment. The Building…

Grade Levels: Elementary, High School, Middle School
Types: Planning Tools

Re-Imagining Migration Coaching App

Note: This Generative AI tool is in BETA and your feedback is extremely valuable. Welcome to the Re-Imagining Migration Coaching App, your dedicated partner in fostering…

Grade Levels: Elementary, High School, Middle School
Types: Lessons, Planning Tools, Teaching Techniques

Re-Imagining Migration Educator Self-Assessment Tool

What is the Re-Imagining Migration Educator Self-Assessment Tool? The tool is designed to help educators reflect on their practice and systematically evaluate key areas of their…

Types: Planning Tools

Student and School Observation and Reflection Form

This resource provides educators with a detailed observation and reflection form to help them understand individual students, classroom dynamics, and the overall school environment. It covers…

Types: Planning Tools

Student Community Building

We believe belonging is the cornerstone of social-emotional and academic development. Download the document below as a starting point for intentional community building driven by student…

Types: Planning Tools

Building Belonging: Harnessing the Power of Education in Times of Demographic Change

Re-Imagining Migration believes that communities thrive when schools build belonging among all their students. The inverse is also true. Communities suffer when schools don’t meet the…

Types: Articles/Research

Bridging Culture Through Texas BBQ

What can Texas BBQ tell us about integration? This segment from CBS Sunday Morning explains that the Lone Star State’s distinctive barbecue is getting some impressive…

Grade Levels: High School, Middle School
Types: Lessons, Video Resources

Building Belonging Reflection Tool

The “Building Belonging: Reflection Tool” is a comprehensive resource designed to help educators create inclusive and supportive classroom environments. It emphasizes the importance of understanding and…

Grade Levels: Elementary, High School, Middle School
Types: Planning Tools

School and Student Observation Form

We have designed this reflection form to support educators in holistic observations of their school community, classroom practices, and student social relationships.

Grade Levels: High School, Middle School
Types: Planning Tools
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