Our Work

We are experiencing an alarming increase in polarization, xenophobia, and hate. Significant demographic changes associated with immigration, increased focus on the need for racial justice, deeply fractured partisan politics, and rampant disinformation have created a powder keg of discord and violence that threatens our shared future. In this cauldron, immigrant-origin youth are often targets of overlapping prejudices — as members of immigrant families and as young people of color.

Re-Imagining Migration addresses these urgent challenges with a fresh, new, research-based approach that advances the education and well-being of immigrant-origin youth, decreases bias and hatred against young people of diverse origins and helps rising generations develop the critical understanding and empathy necessary to build and sustain welcoming and inclusive communities.

We achieve this by enriching our understanding of human migration, leveraging educators as pivotal agents of change, and empowering young people as civic agents—the life force of vibrant democratic societies.


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