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    The story of migration is our shared experience as humans.


Andy Strom

One-quarter of all children under the ages of eighteen across developing nations have an immigrant parent. Finding ways to facilitate their flourishing and successful social inclusion is both a demographic and a democratic imperative. Reimagining Migration provides strategies for all to recognize migration as a shared condition of our past, present, and future. Our work supports social-emotional learning by promoting empathy and perspective taking, as well as by developing mindsets and practices that sustain welcoming communities and civic engagement.

–Adam Strom, Director

Re-Imagining Migration

Lessons and Activities


Our Mission

We live in an era of mass migration.  Young people – whether they are part of an arriving or receiving culture – strive to form their identities as learners, community members, and change-makers in the context of this global phenomenon. We are catalyzing a community of educational leaders and social organizations around making migration a part of their curriculum and culture (in both formal and informal learning settings) so that all students can feel supported in their social, emotional, academic, and civic growth. Learn More.

Our Team

We have a deep passion for education, in and out of schools. Members of our team have presented our work in a variety of settings, to a wide range of audiences, from the Vatican and the White House to museums, international conferences, and school-based learning communities. The educational resources we have developed have been used by tens of thousands of teachers and millions of students around the world and the books and papers we have written are foundational texts in the field of education, immigration, and youth. At Re-Imagining Migration we bring these experiences to one of the defining issues of our time. Meet our Team.

Sharing Our Moving Stories

Celebrating the immigration stories that have shaped our nation.


The Moving Stories app was developed to facilitate conversations about our migration stories. These exchanges can happen between two people anywhere— at a park, in a café, or in your living room.  You can also enable discussions in classrooms or other learning spaces.

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