Student Name Activity 

Names are often the first thing we know about a person; names carry personality, power, and purpose. Correctly pronouncing student names is one of the most imperative and foundational components of creating a safe classroom and building community. Engaging in creative activities around students’ names in the early months can help foster a sense of belonging. For the activity below, students should be encouraged to use their preferred name / the name they wish to go by in class! Depending on class size/time constraints, determine how many questions students should respond to and share in class. 

You can project all of the following questions, just a few, or develop your own. 

Student Name Activity Questions 

  • What is the history of your name?
  • What does your name mean to you?
  • Do you share a name with anyone else in your life? How does it impact your relationship with them? 
  • What is your favorite part about your name? 
  • Are there any famous characters with your name? 
  • If you were in a movie with the same name, what would your character be like? 
  • If your name came attached to a superpower, what would it be? Would everyone with your name have the same power? 
  • Would your name be a good title for a poem, a song, a book, a TV show, or a movie? Why and what would it be about?

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