8-Step Educator Reflection Toolkit

This free eight-step toolkit pairs questions with critical resources to introduce educators to teach educators about Re-Imagining Migration's approach while allowing them to reflect on their practice. You can complete each step on your own or use it in teams or with professional learning communities to guide reflection discussion and planning.



"Collaborating with Re-Imagining Migration has strengthened our approach to ensuring that immigrant-origin students, especially our Multilingual Learners and English Language Learners, are able to share their inspiring stories of immigration and become advocates for themselves and their communities."

Rachel Hoff, Senior Director, ENL/ELA, Office of Multilingual Learners, New York Department of Education.

"Through its timely programs and excellent educational resources, Re-Imagining Migration is changing the way that we think, teach, and learn about the migration experience and its importance to the United States. I have been privileged to work with the team on a number of projects, but I also rely on Re-Imagining Migration resources in my classroom as well! The team is doing valuable, impactful work that benefits all of us."

Erika Lee, Author, Scholar, and President, Organization of American Historians

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