A Conversation With Latinos on Race

ConversationDoc is a series of short films about issues of race and identity. The filmmakers explain,

When it comes to race relations in America, there has been no shortage of rhetoric, rage and accusations—but very little discussion. THE CONVERSATION is a series of short films that will serve as a platform for dialogue on the deep racial tension and polarization that exist in our communities. Our aim is that the films provide a safe space for communication and honest, sometimes painful, revelations and that their affiliated forums become places for fresh voices, new ideas and ultimately change.

The series was originally presented by the New York Times. The film below, A Conversation with With Latinos, is by Joe Brewster, Blair Foster, and Michele Stephenson.


Reflection Questions

A number of the people in the film point out the different identities that are part of Latino identity in the United States. After listening to the film, how would you define Latino identity? What might some people prefer to identify with a broader Latino identity as opposed to, or as well as, a national identity, such as Ecuadorian or Guatemalan?

What role do the perceptions of others play in the way people in the film think about their identity? How much of our identities do we control? How much of our identities are shaped by things that we can’t control such as our biology, our families, or stereotypes?

If you could talk to one person in this film, who would it be? Why would you choose them? And, what would you want to say to them or ask them?

Michael Gonchar of the New York Times Learning Network created an outstanding study guide to complement the entire series of short films about race. We recommend reading the guide as you consider ways to use the films in the classroom.