Five Steps for Creating Inclusive Schools

In this 15-minute webinar Re-Imagining Migration Executive Director, Adam Strom introduces key ideas for building welcoming and inclusive learning communities in which all young people feel a sense of belonging. Suggestions bridge school and classroom rituals to the curriculum.

This webinar introduces the following resources from Re-Imagining Migration:

The Ecology of Identity: Educators might use this chart to encourage students to explore their own identities or to focus reflection on a character in a short story, novel, historical event, or a social situation.

Promising Practices for Supporting Immigrant-Origin Youth The resources in this collection introduce promising practices for supporting immigrant youth.

Moving Stories Connecting Community Gude

Reflecting upon our Moving Stories, listening to one another explore, relating to those experiences, and learning from those narratives is a powerful way to find common ground.

Culturally Responsive Teaching Checklist

This tool, developed by members of the Re-Imagining Migration team and researchers at UCLA, is intended to help make the concept of a culturally responsive classroom concrete and to provide an opportunity for reflection and self-assessment.

Social Emotional Thinking Routines

This set of field-tested Project Zero thinking routines is designed to foster the socio-emotional, ethical, civic, and cognitive dispositions necessary to live and thrive in a world on the move in k12 classrooms and beyond.

Thinking Routines for a World on the Move

The Project Zero thinking routines in this collection promote habits of mind such as the disposition to inquire about the world, discern local-global significance, compare stories, contexts, and cultures, take cultural perspective, and challenging stereotypes among others.

Re-Imagining Migration Guide to Creating Curriculum

The Re-Imagining Migration Guide to Creating Curriculum is a planning tool for creating a variety of learning experiences from lessons and units in schools as well as professional development sessions.

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