Caption: Migrant caravan crosses into Mexico, photo by John Moore, Getty Images

Beyond the rhetoric from politicians, what is it like to be part of a migrant caravan? This New York Times five minute video answers that question by spending one day with a family on the road.

Reflection Questions

As you watch the film consider three questions using the connect, extend, and challenge teaching strategy:

  • How does what you see connect to what you know about the caravans from what you have heard or read?
  • How does it extend your knowledge?
  • How does it challenge what you know or have had heard from politicians or the press?

Why insights does the short film offer on why people migrate? And, what challenges people face on their journey?

Now that you have seen the film, think about one person, either in the film or from the news that has spoken about the migrant caravans that you would like to talk to about immigration. Who would it be? What would you say? What questions might you ask?