Lee & Low Books in partnership with Re-Imagining Migration strives for all students to see the richness, relevancy, and impact of migration on our collective history, not just a current event happening today or to only “some” students. We achieve this by enriching our understanding of human migration, leveraging educators as pivotal agents of change, and empowering young people as civic agents—the life force of vibrant democratic societies. In this infographic, we seek to convey migration is a shared experience we all have.

The importance of curating text sets reflecting the three components of Re-Imagining’s Learning Arc—Moving Stories, Understanding Migration and Turning to Action:

• Create a space for students to bring their personal experiences

• Develop deeper student understanding that migration is both local and global, continual, and multi-faceted

• Highlight a range of migration experiences featuring diverse characters, communities, and historical figures

• Provide an array of perspectives from authors and illustrators from diverse backgrounds

• Facilitate student learning to better access the subject matter using a variety of reading levels and background schema while participating in grade-level content goals, discussions and extension opportunities.

• Foster meaningful opportunities to explore the universal attributes of migration along with opportunities to compare and contrast unique experiences

Questions to consider in creating a migration text set:

• Do you have a mix of formats and genres? Fiction and nonfiction? Poetry, narrative, and expository texts?

• Do you have stories and experiences written at multiple reading levels?

• In addition to the range of characters, historical figures, and communities featured, who are the authors and illustrators? What is their expertise in telling these stories?

• Is there a range of time periods, including both contemporary as well as historical migration events?

• Are your local community migration journeys and histories reflected alongside U.S. and global trends?

• Does your text set teach about the contributions migration and migrants have had to the United States?

• Does your text set include any stories that have harmful stereotypes, inaccurate or outdated information, or generalizations about a group of people?

• Do you have a range of migrant experiences and stories within a community?

Re-imagining Migration’s mission is to advance the education and well-being of immigrant-origin youth, decrease bias and hatred against young people of diverse origins, and help rising generations develop the critical understanding and empathy necessary to build and sustain welcoming and inclusive communities. Educating young people to respect, work, and live with differences is essential to the future of our democracy. Visit reimaginingmigration.org to learn more.

Lee & Low Books is the largest children’s book publisher in the United States specializing in diversity and has been a leader in the movement for diversity in children’s publishing for 30 years. Learn more at leeandlow.com.

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