Classroom Resource:
The New Europeans from National Geographic

Many people’s ideas about Muslims in Europe are based on myths and misinformation. This short report from Pew Research Center can help. One common misperception is that all Muslims in Europe are recent migrants. That’s not true, in fact, many Muslim families have lived in Europe for several generations. At the same time, migrants from Muslim majority countries continue to emigrate to Europe, some seeking new opportunities or love, while others are fleeing as refugees from war, violence, and persecution.

It is important to recognize the incredible diversity of recent migrants to Europe. While many are Muslim, others are not. Within the Muslim population or Europe is a wide range of communities with a variety of experiences, histories, cultural backgrounds, and even religious beliefs. While Muslims have often been the targets of religious prejudice and discrimination, it is important to recognize that not all people who are labeled Muslim, or even choose to call themselves Muslim, are religious. Others are quite devout, but they express their religion in many different ways.

This multimedia essay, including photographs, videos, and provides a useful resource to introduce the diversity of The New Europeans.