What are the conditions in the new land and how do these shape the experience of migration?

How might the environment in the new land help or hinder newcomers’ inclusion?  

How do newcomers come to understand the new land and their place in it over time?    

How might newcomers and the receiving community balance their identities, cultural values, and world views as they interact with one another?

Image by Jeyaratnam Caniceus from Pixabay

What are the public stories of migration and how do they influence people’s perspectives and behaviors?

What messages about migration are people hearing through media and thought leaders?

How can we assess whether available public stories about migration are reliable and representative?

How do stories of migration influence how people think and (re)act?

A postcard with a black and white portrait of Frederick Douglass
creative commons 3.0
This black and white image of Immigrants arriving at Ellis Island can be used in a lesson plan on the history of immigration to the United States.

How do local narratives of migration relate to global patterns?

In what ways do particular cases reflect the bigger picture of human migration over time and around the globe?   

What can we learn from other narratives about migration to help us to inform our perspective?

What are the universal and unique qualities of successful integration?

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