When European settlers came to North America, the colonies they set up were on Native land. After the colonies became a nation, settlers, sometimes new immigrants, sought to expand the territory under their control, taking even more land and attempting to displace, by force or coercion, those that were already there. This interactive map from slate.com depicts, “How the U.S. Took More Than 1.5 Billion Acres From Native Americans.”

So often we teach this history through the stories of the settlers. We read about their adventures and struggles on the way West. The team at the Norman B. Leventhal Map Center at the Boston Public Library wanted to tell the story by focusing on Native viewpoints about Western expansion. This link takes you to a map collection, teaching suggestions, and best practices for approaching histories of Native People in the Classroom.

Additionally, this resource from the National Museum of the American Indian asks, “What does it mean to remove a people?” The resource includes a historical overview, teaching suggestions, maps, videos, and opportunities for reflection.

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