My trip to this country was a bit complicated

In July 2021 I left Ecuador

to come to this country

because my whole family had immigrated to this country years ago. 

My trip to this country was a bit complicated

because of what I had to go through, but compared to other people, my trip was a little shorter and a little better. I didn’t have to walk at all. It was just a bit hard for me when I entered immigration and

I spent 20 days without my family

without my friends 

without anyone I knew

I was with other people from different countries who came for the same dream there 

no one could go out. 

Inside we could not have contact with the family 

Every day it was a bit hard for me not because of the mistreatment but because of the loneliness that I feel locked up inside there but in 20 days.

I was able to leave there and meet again my family and be with them again 

and many people who come to this country,

there are some who manage to arrive well 

and there are others who even lose their lives at the border 

due to hunger 

due to fatigue 

due to thirst 

because it is very hard, many people have to walk too much in high temperatures and some manage to get there alive and some not. 

Many do it for a better future 

a better life 

a better education.

~ Boy from Ecuador