The Moving Stories connecting guide provides teaching ideas and essential background information for sharing migration stories with students.

An Educator's Guide to Connecting and Engaging Our Moving Stories

At Re-Imagining Migration, we believe that migration is an experience that almost everyone in the United States shares somewhere in their family history. Whether it is recent or generations ago; by choice or through forced migration; for adventure, to seek a better life, or for refuge--with the exception of native peoples--migration is at the center of nearly every family history.

Reflecting upon our Moving Stories, listening to one another explore, relating to those experiences, and learning from those narratives is a powerful way to find common ground.

In this guide, we will begin by considering some reasons WHY seeking connection around our Moving Stories is so fundamentally important. We will then consider various critical spaces of understanding WHERE understanding is essential and where (mis)understanding(s) can take place and may become derailed. The focus of this guide will then turn to HOW to facilitate these connections in a variety of practical ways


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