Freedom of the Press: Says U.S. Jews Should Take 25,000 Children, Jewish Post, December 16, 1938

An American aid worker and a Jewish refugee child in Vienna, 1945

H. Frisch to the Editor, “Freedom of the Press: Says U.S. Jews Should Take 25,000 Children,” (Indianapolis) Jewish Post, December 16, 1938, 7, accessed Hoosier State Chronicles.

To The Editor,

We are seeking to test public opinion and at the same time to determine what the Jewish communities of this country are doing relative to the projected movement to save upwards of 25,000 refugee children from Germany. This figure includes Jewish as well as non-Jewish victims of Nazi persecution.

Realizing that the problem involves several phases, we have sought to convince our readers of the great need for doing something in the name of humanity for these innocent little people.

It is undeniable that the general public opinion of the country should and must be aroused to the situation to the end that Congressional action may ensue to permit the entry of large numbers of CHILD victims OUTSIDE the set quotas. Moreover, it is imperative that our own people be advised of the urgency of the problem.

In that connection, we have published a number of editorials with a coupon attached inviting Jewish families to express their willingness to open their homes as havens of refuge for these hapless victims. The response to date has exceeded our greatest hopes.

Because we recognize that the scope of this work transcends the field of any individual, publication or single organization, we are asking for suggestions from you. Also, we are inquiring what your community has done or is doing along this line.

In all humility, we bespeak your whole-hearted interest in this undertaking—the saving of thousands of young lives—and shall be grateful for your ideas, counsel and any information you can offer.

With kindest wishes, I am,

H. Frisch.

Editor American Jewish World,
Minneapolis, Minn.

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