For them, I decided to come here

In my last days in my country, I did not have a very good time.

It was sad to leave the small town where I lived.

But I was also going to leave all those worries that I always had.

So I also felt relieved to leave that town.

I did not want to leave my mom and my little brother, 

But they were worried about me 

And so, for them, I decided to come here.

While I was flying in that plane

I felt that many things were yet to come, and looking at that window and the clouds

I felt so good.

When I arrived I thought it was very easy to fit in here, 

They were difficult days, but I got used to them.It was difficult because I didn’t know how to adapt to this new life I was leading.

But little by little my life was changing

I wanted to lead a better life on my own.

So now things have gone very well for me, 

although sometimes I do think about going back to that country, 

but my mother tries to convince me to make my own life here and to make an effort and take advantage of all this.

~ A Young Person from Colombia and Argentina