Classroom Resource: Fatima’s Drawings

This resource is part of our Media Highlight Series, which aims to support curriculum about migration through the exploration of storytelling – this includes literature, film and more. We align selections of media with questions in our Learning Arc

Filmmaker Magnus Wennman’s Fatima’s Drawings tells the story of a nine yeard old refugee’s journey from home in war-torn Syria to Sweden where she is rebuilding her life. The prize-winning short film, tells the story through Fatima’s quiet narration and gently animated versions of Fatima’s drawings of her experiences.

Reflection Questions

  1. Every experience of migration includes life before migration (and the reason’s why people migrate), the story of the journey, the shock of transplantation and arrival, and stories of acculturation in a new land. What do we know about Fatima’s migration story?
  2. Listening to her, what words stand out from the narration? Why did you choose them?
  3. Fatima’a narration is in Swedish, her second language. How does that influence your response to her story?
  4. Take a moment to map the ecology of Fatima’s identity. Consider her identity has changed from the time she lived in Syria to today.
  5. What do you think will help Fatima to acclimate to life in Sweden? What will enable her to feel at home?