Kristen Fox is a Re-imagining Migration Fellow who teaches English Language Arts to 9th graders at Independence High School in Charlotte, North Carolina. After attending Re-imagining Migration’s seminar she developed a 9th grade ELA for use across the Charlotte-Mecklenberg Schools. The unit follows our learning arc and includes a rich selection of art, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and video texts. We believe her unit provides an outstanding model of what Re-imagining Migration can look like in the classroom.

Follow this link to explore the unit and this link to see the supporting powerpoint she has created to accompany the lessons. As you browse through Migration: Creating a Home for All, take the time to follow the rich links she has made to resources from our friends at Smithsonian’s Digital Learning Lab and other sources. Additional links take you to graphic organizers that scaffolds the resources and assignments for her students.

At Re-imagining Migration, we believe that curriculum needs to be responsive to your students identities, your community, and your academic targets. Consider how you might adapt the ideas in this unit for your own students.

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