Climate Migrate Case Study

Climate Migration Inquiry

According to the Institute for Economics & Peace, it is estimated that by the year 2050, more than one billion people will be under threat of displacement by environmental change, conflict, and civil unrest. Climate change will increasingly drive the migration of people within and across borders. Understanding these trends may help target mitigation efforts and prepare communities for the challenge of welcoming and accommodating migrants. What do students need to know about how climate change impacts migration? What do they need to understand about climate migration? What knowledge, dispositions, and mindsets would prepare them to take action?

 World Savvy and Re-Imagining Migration recognize that teaching and learning about climate change can be daunting. To help educators find a way to begin, we have developed this case study, based on World Savvy's approach and the Re-Imagining Migration learning arc, to direct learners to a range of sources (including videos and texts) about climate change that educators might use as the basis for a classroom inquiry. 

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