What were our top resources for 2021? You will find them below, organized by category: study guides, lessons and resource pages, webinars, and blogs. Many of these resources were created or significantly revised in 2021, others are on the list because they were among our most popular resources. Let us know your favorites.

Top Resources: Study Guides

  1. Using Moving Stories in the Classroom
  2. Teaching Efrén Divided
  3. Teaching Anything for Selena
  4. Thousands are Sailing: Irish Immigrants’ Letters from the 19th Century
  5. Teaching Home
  6. Social-Emotional Thinking Routines
  7. Re-Imagining Migration Guide to Creating Curriculum

Top Resources: Lessons and Resource Pages 

  1. Analyzing anti-immigrant attitudes in political cartoons
  2. Chinese American Immigration Collection
  3. Anti-German sentiment during World War I
  4. How do you prove you are loyal: Japanese Americans and World War II
  5. Ellis Island Resource Collection
  6. The Pogroms and Jewish Immigration
  7. 1929-1935 Expulsion of Mexican Americans

Top Resources: Webinars

  1. Cultivating Learning: Connecting through Family Stories with Smithsonian Education
  2. Teaching about the Great Migration with a Social Justice Lens for Secondary Schoo via Share My Lesson

Top Resources: Blogs

  1. Re-Imagining the Role of Black Migrations in U.S. History
  2. Harnessing the Power of Storytelling to Support Migrant and Immigrant Students
  3. Talking and Teaching about Afghan Refugees and the Fall of Kabul
  4. Expanding Horizons: Resources for Teaching Arab American Heritage Month

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