Asian Immigrant Origin

PBS’s Chinese Exclusion Act (chapter 1)

Use this short excerpt from PBS's Chinese Exclusion as part of…
This black and white image of Immigrants arriving at Ellis Island can be used in a lesson plan on the history of immigration to the United States.

Immigrant Students Are Internalizing Stereotypes. Educators Can Help

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Moving Stories

A lesson in civility: The negativity immigrant students hear

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Classroom Resource: Facundo the Great

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Educator Spotlight: Carola Suárez Orozco

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Educator Spotlight: Sara Ahmed, Teaching The Arrival

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Names, Identity, and Immigration

Names play an important role in our identities. The selection…

Poetry from Angel Island

The Chinese Exclusion Act: Resources

With discussion of immigration restrictions in the news, we wanted…

Classroom Resource: Jhumpa Lahiri and Transcultural Identities

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Educator Spotlight: Brian Fong, Literature and Social Studies Resources for Teaching about Immigration

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How Chop Suey Saved San Francisco’s Chinatown

Food can reveal a lot about a culture. Most of us can identify…