Nationwide Educational Climate Research

We are preparing to conduct the first ever nationwide survey of the educational climate for immigrant-origin students. The results will illuminate the barriers that prevent schools from preparing all young people to withstand the turbulence that accompanies demographic change and point to increasingly effective methods for improvement.

New Pilot Sites

We are developing, evaluating, and scaling our program in five pilot sites, including communities with three distinct profiles:  >35% migrant population; <20% migrant population, and regions experiencing rapid demographic change.  Beginning with observations and climate assessments, we offer professional learning opportunities, professional coaching, and classroom resources tailored to the needs of the specific school and community. To enable us to scale these efforts, we will greatly expand our teacher-in-residence program.

Leverage Digital Technology with Adaptive Learning Models

Over the next five years, we will reach teachers of 2.5 million immigrant students and 28 million of their native-born-peers. Central to these efforts are the development of a digital course catalog with a directed sequence of study leading to certification in our model. To attract new users, sustain interest from those initiated in our work, and diversify our offerings, we will partner with NGOs, media producers, and museums on webinars and courses featuring exciting new resources.

Our Moving Stories In Schools And Communities Campaign

Students use the power of storytelling to share their migration histories create cultural bridges between students in 10,000 classrooms and communities, reaching over 300,000 young people with deep, engaging, and often transformational experiences

Increase Our Collaboration With Local, Regional And National Organizations And Institutions

We will continue to increase the number and breadth of partner organizations that are helping us to scale cost effectively. Our current collaborators include the Smithsonian Institution, the Reagan, Hoover, and Truman Presidential Libraries,  American Federation of Teachers, Welcoming America, the American Immigration Council, the Indiana Historical Bureau, the Anti-Defamation League, iThrive Games The Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the Senate, Lee and Low Books, and many others.

A National Campaign Partnership To Help Change The Narrative About Immigrant-origin Youth

Working with media producers, journalists, and educators we seek to chance practice and policy by highlighting the strengths and resiliencies of immigrant-origin youth as well as the challenges they face in schools.

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