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We achieve our mission by providing educators with both a wide-ranging set of coordinated programs, curricula, and resources on our website and in-depth direct services, including professional development, to schools and school districts.

Our programs and services: 

  • School Climate Assessments to ensure that educators understand the experiences of their immigrant-origin students and develop programs for change. 
  • Professional Development Workshops facilitated by RIM staff for school administrators, faculty and staff to learn how to teach, support, and meet the needs of immigrant-origin youth in their schools. 
  • Curriculum Resources & Materials that provide educators with the tools they need to increase engagement and understanding in their classrooms. 
  • Coaching for educators so they can take what they have learned and transform the way they serve immigrant-origin youth and teach about migration. 
  • Sharing Student Stories through our Moving Stories project to build bridges between newcomers and their peers in a time of polarization in classrooms and schools. 
  • Community Engagement to ensure that schools and communities recognize the importance of engaging students and their families with schools, cultural institutions, and local organizations. 

We have already demonstrated the effectiveness of our model in several pilot projects, including Everett, MA, Santa Clara County, CA, Boston, MA, and most recently, New York City. Through our partnership with the NYC Department of Education and the Office of Long-term English Language Learners, Newcomers and SIFE (Students with inconsistent/interrupted formal education), RIM is currently providing training and curriculum development in 13 schools (including two elementary schools, two middle schools and nine high schools) focused on the experiences of Yemeni immigrant-origin students. Forty-five educators, impacting 353 students, are currently participating in the program.

In addition to our direct onsite work with teachers and schools, Re-Imagining Migration also provides over 200,000 educators all over the world with free, curated educational resources through our website. Educators can find over 550 research-based materials on creating welcoming and inclusive schools, including a guide to creating culturally-responsive curriculum grounded in our framework, how to effectively use our project, Moving Stories, to connect immigrant-origin students with their peers

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