New School Year, New Resources for You! 

School is back in session, and the year is kicking off with National Hispanic Heritage Month. Taking time to amplify and honor the cultures and contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans is as imperative as it is galvanizing. Celebrating our pluralistic heritage is essential at a time when Xenophobia is gripping many mainstream news narratives and fueling the fire of a fraught upcoming election year. With the spotlight currently on schools, it is more crucial than ever to reimagine migration in the classroom, champion the powerful work already happening in schools, and build upon those efforts.

There is robust, inclusive, and migration-centric work occurring in classrooms nationwide. NYC Public Schools, for example, have a history of embracing students and immigrant families. We are proud to partner with the New York Public Schools’ Division of Multilingual Learners and hope to share their innovative work later this year.

Schools are potent sites of belonging and community building and are often one of the first institutions where immigrant families build immersive relationships. At Re-Imagining Migration, we know how many hats teachers and school administrators wear to make their schools centers of belonging, and we hope our resources will aid you in the process.

Meisha Lamb-Bell, Re-Imagining Migration Program Director

Re-Imagining Migration’s Resources for Teachers on a Time Crunch  

With increased political, social, and climate migration, we must reimagine a world where our stories are those of belonging, equity, and opportunity. If we are to embrace a world on the move, we need to leverage the compassion and brilliance of our young people.

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