History of Immigration in Schools

​​In The History of Immigration in Schools and Stories of Belonging, the Re-Imagining Migration team will present in collaboration with Jessica Lander, teacher of immigrant students at Lowell High School and author of Making Americans: Stories of Historic Struggles, New Ideas, and Inspiration in Immigrant Education. We will highlight the profound history of immigrant education and the powerful opportunity we have to build thriving, inclusive academic communities for all of our students. We will analyze historic cases and movements that have shaped our present-day policies and their legacy. We will spotlight and share examples of innovative school programs across the country centering on belonging, nurturing, and investing in students’ strengths. Participants will leave with resources to reimagine lesson planning and community building.

This webinar draws from Meisha Lamb-Bell and Adam Strom’s Op-Ed from the 74, As Schools See a Wave of Immigrants, the Past Offers Lessons for NYC & the U.S. Sign up to ensure your webinar spot and follow up.