Free Time-Sensitive Opportunities

We hope you, your family, and the young people in your lives are safe and healthy. We have heard from our network, friends, and family how important it is to create and maintain community in these challenging times.

Virtual spaces are not the same as physical gathering spaces. At the same time, digital collaboration has allowed us to put together a few new programming opportunities. This first program will take place on Monday, April 6, the second opportunity has a little more lead time and is scheduled for April 17. They are described below.

Finally, we are committed to not flooding your email with announcements. Yet, we also want to make sure you know about the resources and opportunities we are creating to help you through this challenging moment, and beyond. The best way to stay up to date is to follow us on twitter and facebook. One new project you will find is our daily Watch and Talk Moving Story, featuring resources from our collection with suggestions for discussion. The other resource we suggest you explore is our learn from home collection.


This event is free but it is limited to the first 100 guests. RSVP’s are required. For our first #LunchGlobally discussion, we will explore the poem WHERE ARE YOU GOING, MAZAHUA MOTHERS? 

Bring your thoughts and questions – about this poem, Mexican literature, remote learning, migration, or anything else which would be helpful. We’ll bring ideas for using the poem in English and social studies classes and perhaps a recipe from Central Mexico. And we’ll all put our heads together, collaborate and chat. Click on the image to RSVP.

This free webinar features historical and psychological perspectives on anti-immigrant prejudice designed to help educators respond to the social and emotional needs of their students and to teach about immigration in ways that nurture inclusive communities and healthy democracies.

Presenters include Erika Lee, Carola Suárez-Orozco, Veronica Boix-Mansilla,  and Adam Strom. RSVP’s are required. Sign up here.