Five Essential Resources


Moving Stories The Moving Stories app and learning guide to are designed to facilitate conversations about our migration stories. They can happen anywhere, in a park, in a café, in your living room, or in a classroom.


A Culturally Responsive Guide to Fostering the Inclusion of Immigrant-Origin Students The question of how schools are responding to the educational needs of immigrant-origin student and their peers has never been more relevant. The guide seeks to help bridge research from the academy to classrooms, recognizing that only by learning from and with each other, can our immigrant-origin and English Learning students reach their full potential.


Immigration and Identity: Jewish Immigrants and the Bintel Brief The Bintel Brief was an advice column that ran in a newspaper founded by immigrant Jews just after the turn of the 20th century. The letters record the ordinary stories of newcomers making their way in a new land. While many of the details are grounded in the context of the early 20th century New York, the letters raise universal questions about integration, assimilation, and acculturation, themes as timely now as they were when they were written.


Quinceañeras at the Capitol Why would fifteen-year-old Latina girls hold a symbolic quinceañera rite of passage celebration on the steps of the Texas capitol? On July 2017 media from around the world flashed images of fifteen young women spoke out to affirm their identities and protest what they experienced as a grave injustice. This lesson explores these young women’s motivations, personal stories, and their strategies in this civic action


Analyzing Anti-Immigrant Attitudes in Political Cartoons During periods of mass migration, newcomers are often been met with skepticism and distrust. Beyond the predictability of prejudice, informed observers recognize that many of the stereotypes directed at immigrants today echo those that were used in the past. In this lesson, students analyze political cartoons to identify patterns of anti-immigrant stereotypes.