Our approach

Re-Imagining Migration has developed a fresh, new perspective educating immigrant youth that ensures that all young people understand that migration is one of our most basic, shared human experiences.  We are the first holistic educator training initiative that directly addresses the difficult issues faced by immigrant-origin children while working to promote empathy, harmony, and understanding among all students.  Our research-based model promotes academic, social and emotional, and civic skills helps to build a culture that encourages the development of empathy, respect, and cooperation into EVERY child’s education.  We do this by empowering educators as powerful drivers of change. Our model is designed to be sustainable and replicable.

Learn about the services we provide for educational institutions, what educators are saying about our work, and our impact.

Our vision

Educators will have the skills to unleash the potential of their immigrant-origin students by creating an educational ecosystem that understands them and the obstacles they face, decreasing the bias that their students face from peers and school staff. In addition, new school curriculum will promote an understanding of migration among all youth and they will learn that migration is not  simply a charged civic challenge, but instead a throughline of the human experience.

Both immigrant-origin and non-immigrant youth will be prepared to counter the polarization that so often accompanies demographic changes. Recognizing that human beings have been on the move throughout history, the rising generation will approach the next debate about immigration with empathy, respect and understanding. As a result, empowered, empathetic, and engaged youth will take their role as civic agents in the struggle to re-imagine democracy, working to create strong and resilient communities built for the future.

Our theory of change

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