What we do

Drawing on the Re-Imagining Migration framework, we transform educators and the educational ecosystem by leveraging schools, museums, and other educational spaces to promote belonging, knowledge, understanding, and lifelong habits of mind among immigrant and non-immigrant youth so they can thrive in a world of migration and demographic change. These efforts strengthen our diverse communities, counter polarization, xenophobia, and hate, and transform migration from a crisis to an opportunity. We achieve this by re-imagining education as a vehicle for building belonging, which involves:  

How are we making a difference?  

We initiated the development of a unique research-based framework for supporting immigrant-origin youth and teaching about migration to promote belonging to address it and brought that framework to life in the training we offer and the resources we develop.  That includes: 

  • We have developed 650 lessons, tools, resource collections and study guides that can be deployed at scale to support the implementation of that framework. We continue to develop timely and scalable models of practice. 
  • 400,000 educators in all 50 states have accessed our resources. 
  • We have led professional development for over 10,000 teachers in workshops and events based on the framework.  
  • Over 40 museums, cultural institutions, and high-impact organizations have partnered with us, scaling the adoption of research-based practices for teaching and learning in a world on the move. 

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