Curriculum Planning Tool

By Veronica Boix-Mansilla and Adam Strom


Re-imagining Migration’s approach to teaching is grounded in our framework and begins with the recognition that good teaching is always developed in relationship to the students that we teach, the community that in which we teach, the culture of our schools and classrooms, as well as the academic disciplines and courses in which lessons are delivered and designed.

Our approach builds on a belief that good teaching, and good curriculum, is always in dialogue with the students in our care, our learning goals, and the dispositions we seek to nurture, the content we are teaching, and the kinds of classroom practices that promote student engagement, understanding, and action.

We invite you to explore the teaching designs reflection tools below as you consider what to teach, why and how. The tool provides a series of questions that may support your design choices. Teaching as we view it is not merely a matter of sharing information- rather, it is one of nurturing holistic, relevant, deep, and lasting understandings that transform students, nurturing their full potential, empowering them to live fulfilling lives and to participate actively in the construction of more inclusive, equitable and sustainable societies.

Download the curriculum planning tool here.

Re-Imagining Migration Guide to Creating Curriculum December 2020