Culturally Responsive Teaching Checklist

While many educators recognize the value of creating a culturally responsive classroom, for many teachers it is difficult to imagine what a culturally responsive classroom looks like in practice. This tool, developed by members of the Re-Imagining Migration team and researchers at UCLA, is intended to help make the concept of a culturally responsive classroom concrete and to provide an opportunity for reflection and self-assessment.

This checklist is adapted from “Integrating the Curriculum with Ethnic Content: Approaches and Guidelines”, pp 189-207 in J.A. Banks & C. A. McGee Banks (Eds.), Multicultural Education: Issues & Perspectives, Boston: Allyn and Bacon.

Desdemona Cardoza, PhD and Margaret Fieweger, PhD developed a version of this checklist for the 4th Annual All
Campus Faculty Symposium, (1990). “Communicating, Advising and Teaching in a Multicultural University”, California State University, Los Angeles, April 24.

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