Clouds Over Sidra is a short VR film that is narrated by a 13-year-old Syrian refugee named Sidra who lives in the  Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan. She and her family are among the 84,000 refugees living in the camp. The film, which was the first VR film produced for the United Nations, presents a day in Sadra’s life and was intended to raise awareness and financial support for Syrian refugees.

To watch the interactive film, navigate left and right, up and down, to get a 360-degree, or close to it, picture of what is going on in each scene.


  • Allow viewers time to reflect on what they just saw. Consider using the see-feel-think-wonder routine to begin.
  • There are many ways to explore the content of the film, you might choose one of our inquiry focused thinking-routines to deepen the discussion.
  • Additionally, refer to our learning arc, ask students to review the questions and consider how the film relates to the questions.
  • This film itself is a creation, it is a story told by someone, about someone, meant to reach a particular audience. Developing that awareness is important for practicing media literacy skills and perspective-taking. This routine is a helpful tool to structure that analysis.

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