From Carne Y Arena to the Classroom 

April 5, 2022 

10:00 AM – 5:00 PM 

Alejandro G. Iñárritu’s multi-sensory installation, Carne Y Arena, explores the human condition of immigrants and refugees through incorporating virtual reality into an immersive environment. Based on true accounts, Iñárritu hopes viewers can develop empathy and understanding by focusing on the migration experiences of immigrants,  asylum seekers, and refugees. These experiences serve as an opportunity for reflection on the role of immigration in our nation’s past and present: Why do people leave their homes? What do they experience as they journey from one place to another? And, how do people learn to adjust to their new life in new surroundings? 

Migration stories, like those told in Carne Y Arena, serve as a connection to our collective past and to the lives of young people in our schools. Yet, too often, the children of immigrants find themselves isolated and misunderstood. In this workshop,  led by the Executive Director of Re-Imagining Migration, we will share a research based framework, tools, and classroom resources for supporting immigrant students  and ways to teach about immigration to all young people to build bridges, empathy, and  understanding across our communities. 

We are inviting 30 K12 educators from across the DFW metro to join us in this day-long  workshop asking us to consider how we can apply the lessons of Carne Y Arena to the  Classroom. This is a free workshop with CPE certification, coffee, and lunch included. 

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