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What are the Predominant Stereotypes about Immigrants Today?

All of us of carry biases with us. We learn them as part of our socialization into our communities. Biases influence what we see, what we believe, and how we understand the world.

A Global Perspective on Immigration

By Marcelo Suárez-Orozco & Carola Suárez-Orozco Sometimes the political rhetoric and the public debates about immigration can narrow our perspectives. It can seem as if our country and our communities are the only places that are impacted by migration. In fact, immigrant and migration are among the defining features of our time. All continents are involved […]

Disrupting Narratives of Social Exclusion for Immigrant Children & Youth

  Migration is our common history as humans. Scientists tell us that for at least 70,000 years, humans have been on the move. At the same time, migration is both our past and our future. All continents are involved in the mass movement of people: as areas of immigration, emigration, or transit, and often, as […]