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There was a kid who left his country

Around 4 years ago There was a kid who left his country for better opportunities. The kid was looking for a better future no matter what communities. The sunset looks so beautiful. The kid is working hard to be successful. The beginning is always going to be hard You’re the only one who’s going to […]

I am a dreamer

Since I was a little girl I wanted to come to America The opportunity came, I packed my bags, bought a flight and full of insecurities and fear I found myself in the place of my dreams Everything I had dreamed of was only fairy tales, nothing was rosy, I had to start a new […]

My family separated 

Before going to the US, there was a lockdown My family separated  My father came a month before When dreams were depending on the stamp Americans have closed any connection with the country for two years After opening the border our family came together and dreamed of the American dream. ~ Julia Borba, 18 years […]

At night I cannot sleep

The first day I arrived in this country I felt everything in my life was new. The time, weather, and everything are different. At night I cannot sleep because I miss my country, family, friends, and the country food that I ate every day. My dream on the first day  I hope I can speak […]

I am in the country of wishes

When I was a traveling Little did I know that my story was just beginning I was a little scared But I am in the country of wishes I lost a lot of friends when I was coming But the best friends that I could have was here ~ Evando Da Silva, from Brazil.

Watching the horizon 

Floating in the sky in a massive bird Flying through a heavy storm in the middle of the night I bare my head down in fear and pray  As soon we pass the storm I look through the window  Snow falls from the sky  I know that I will have a better life in the […]

Victories are possible

I remember the day I arrived in this country It was scary, cool, I was happy and sad at the same time Leaving my home and my family back there to start again I remember when I saw the snow for the first time,  I put socks on my hands and went outside to play […]

Sometimes I wanted to disappear

The road was very hard, the trip was very exhausting. Sometimes I wanted to disappear for a moment, open a door and appear in my country, in my house with my family.  But despite the fatigue I had to keep going,  The atmosphere of the desert was very hot and the river very cold. I […]

1 step to my new life 

1 step to my new life  I wasn’t happy to be here But it was necessary. 1 step to my new life  Maybe could become a dream  Or a nightmare. 1 step to my new life  New faces, new languages, new culture 1 step to my new life  If America is the future                      The fresh […]

My country was full of love

My first day was in New York. I was sad but excited. I was curious but tired. I was happy and full of dreams, But at the same time I missed my country so much. New York was very bright and cold. My country was hot and full of love. ~ Luiz Gustavo, 16 year […]