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I was waiting for this moment

When I arrived in the USA, It was night. I went to my uncle’s house. I had dinner and talked a little. I was waiting for this moment. I was very tired and wanted to rest. I went to bed to sleep. ~ Eduardo Silva de Assis, 18 Years old, Brazil

I had the courage

When I saw my gray skies on my first day here. I was in a dark dead end. But deep down I had hope that someday my sky would turn blue again. I had to draw strength from where I imagined I wouldn’t have,  but like a thunderclap my heart broke and I had the […]

Strange language, Strange culture

I had difficult experiences on the new journey in a strange country,  Strange language,  Strange culture. I had little help, I could see the black clouds coming towards me. But I kept the faith, with it I could see everything with different eyes.  And in the end, the clouds turned white again. ~ Andrei Silva, […]

Stressed, but not hopeless

When I came first time in to the U.S. it was awesome  I remember the weather was hot, but I was not sweating    Get education, work hard       My dream is to help other people        “ Kind, Respectable” We faced some difficulties, but not too much because everything was new we were not sure how to […]

For them, I decided to come here

In my last days in my country, I did not have a very good time. It was sad to leave the small town where I lived. But I was also going to leave all those worries that I always had. So I also felt relieved to leave that town. I did not want to leave […]

I come from a beautiful country 

I come from a beautiful country  Half of the people in my home island  They are poor just like me  My last day in my home island was 3 days after my  Birthday, when I came to the mainland I felt sad because I left my island I feel Happy, and Sad I cry and […]

It was a new life that awaited me

I was scared but very excited. It was a new life that awaited me, I felt alone and desperate, But I had people who helped me. I found new family and friends, But I still miss the ones I left, I hope one day to meet them again so I can hug them, But I […]