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Unseen: The Art of Charles Kay

Interview with Charles Kay, Jr Charles Kay, Jr is a Thai-American artist born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. His recent exhibit, UNSEEN, explores his family’s experiences adapting to life in the midwestern United States. From name changes to efforts to hide his Thai heritage, Charles Kay, Jr lays out the consequences for his identity development. […]

I was waiting for this moment

When I arrived in the USA, It was night. I went to my uncle’s house. I had dinner and talked a little. I was waiting for this moment. I was very tired and wanted to rest. I went to bed to sleep. ~ Eduardo Silva de Assis, 18 Years old, Brazil

I had the courage

When I saw my gray skies on my first day here. I was in a dark dead end. But deep down I had hope that someday my sky would turn blue again. I had to draw strength from where I imagined I wouldn’t have,  but like a thunderclap my heart broke and I had the […]

Strange language, Strange culture

I had difficult experiences on the new journey in a strange country,  Strange language,  Strange culture. I had little help, I could see the black clouds coming towards me. But I kept the faith, with it I could see everything with different eyes.  And in the end, the clouds turned white again. ~ Andrei Silva, […]