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What did I just hear?: 5 Resources for Exploring Anti-Immigrant Prejudice

What is the impact when we hear politicians, our peers, and the press refer to immigrants as “animals” that “infect” communities with drugs and crime?  Does it matter that the speakers sometimes qualify their comments? Does it matter that there is indisputable evidence demonstrating that immigrants and their children commit less crime than those who have lived […]

Educator Spotlight: Being the Change

Sara Ahmed believes that as adults we have the responsibility model the behaviors, values, and attitudes that we hope to instill in youth. Yet, too often, even in the most prestigious schools, there is a huge gulf between our rhetoric and our actions, we say we value compassion, but where is it in what and […]

I Learn America

Written by Adam Strom for Facing History and Ourselves I Learn America is a film about five resilient children of immigration who are struggling to learn and become comfortable in their new country. This film underscores the importance of how a nation welcomes its newcomers in determining the nature of that country in the 21st century and beyond. The I Learn […]

PBS’s Chinese Exclusion Art (chapter 1)

Steeplechase Film’s The Chinese Exclusion Act premiered on PBS on May 29, 2018. The film explores a too little-understood piece of U.S. history. On their website, Steeplechase Film’s describes the project this way: On May 6th, 1882 – on the eve of the greatest wave of immigration in American history – President Chester A. Arthur signed […]

When No Place is Home

Guest post by Aixa Perez-Prado, Senior Instruction, Florida International University I looked around the room in my class last week and asked my students how many were either immigrants themselves, or the children or grandchildren of immigrants. Every single person in the class raised a hand. I work in a university that is known for its diversity and […]