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Teaching Stories of Persistence: Emily Francis

Emily Francis is a high school ESL teacher from Concord, North Carolina and the author of If You Only Knew: Letters from an Immigrant Teacher. Emily was born in Guatemala and came to the United States as a high school student. She uses her own story, alongside a rich collection of literature, to engage students […]

Culturally Responsive Civics with Sasha Guzman

Sasha Guzman is a veteran high school social studies teacher who has spent much of her career teaching first and second-generation immigrant youth, first in Los Angeles and now in Sacramento, California. Learn about her culturally responsive approach to civics education in the interview below with Sasha and Re-Imagining Migration Executive Director Adam Strom. Adam […]

Film “The Indian Problem” from the National Museum of the American Indian

From the National Museum of the American Indian As American power and population grew in the 19th century, the United States gradually rejected the main principle of treaty-making—that tribes were self-governing nations—and initiated policies that undermined tribal sovereignty. For Indian nations, these policies resulted in broken treaties, vast land loss, removal and relocation, population decline, […]