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The Power of Refugees

Basma Alawee: The Power of Refugees Basma Alawee is a refugee. She and her husband fled Iraq after the Iraq war and settled in the United States. Since arriving in the U.S., she has become an activist. Today, Basma is the National Campaign Director for We Are All America, of the National Partnership of New Americans, […]

Everyone Has a Story

Facing History and Ourselves created “Everyone Has a Story,” a short film about Arn Chorn Pond. Today, Arn is a world-renowned human rights activist who harnesses the power of the arts for healing. When he was a child, long before the acclaim, he survived the Cambodian Genocide and fled, as a refugee, to Thailand. While […]

How you can support immigrant youth

In these polarized times, schools are at the forefront of demographic change. 27% of the entire student population in the United States identify as first or second-generation immigrants, refugees, or asylum seekers. They are not receiving an equal nor equitable education– leaving them feeling invisible and disconnected.  To understand the experiences of immigrant youth in […]

The Chicano Movement and Boyle Heights: Teaching Students Activism Webinar

This webinar, facilitated by Re-Imagining Migration Teacher-in-Residence Elisabeth Macias, introduces approaches to teaching about the Chicano Movement in Boyle Heights in Los Angeles. Macias discusses the context of the 1968 student walkouts and explores the way young people used print media to forge a new Chicano identity while demanding responsive and enriching education. Links to […]

If You Only Knew: A Conversation with Emily Francis

If You Only Knew: Letters from an Immigrant Teacher brings readers into the lives of immigrant students in ways that affirm the identities of students and educate those whose experiences are different from the stories featured in the text. This post is also available on Share My Lesson. Too often, students’ lives outside of a […]