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The Danger of a Single Story

In this popular TED talk, Nigerian migrant and Novelist Chimamanda Adichie warns about the danger of holding “a single story” about individuals, communities, and nations. She explains, when I left Nigeria to go to university in the United States. I was 19. My American roommate was shocked by me. She asked where I had learned […]

Talking and Teaching about Walls and Borders

  This post was updated on January 5, 2019 President Trump’s campaign promise to build a wall along the U.S. border with Mexico continues to generate controversy. Debates about funding, the purpose, and need for the wall often boil over, ending in talking heads raising their voices on 24-hour news channels. As we prepare to […]

Stress and Coping Strategies for Immigrant-Origin Students and Educators who Serve Them

By Adam Strom The challenges educators face responding to the social and emotional and educational needs of immigrant students and their peers have rarely been more pressing. In the U.S. 26% percent of school-aged children are either immigrants or the children of immigrants and in light of increasing political divides over immigration, rising hate incidents […]

Children as a Sign of Migration

The following is excerpted and adapted from the introduction to Mass Migration and Humanitarianism: Confronting the World Crisis, edited by Marcelo Suarez-Orozco, University of California Press, 2018. Footnotes and citations can be found in the print and digital editions of the book. Migration is increasingly defined by the slow-motion disintegration of failing states with feeble […]

The New Colossus

Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame With conquering limbs astride from land to land; Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command The air-bridged harbor […]

Family Engagement is More than Having a Multicultural Potluck

This blog is reposted courtesy of our friends at Confianza. By Sarah Said We know we all look forward to our spring Multicultural festival where our students come in with trays of their family’s tamales, samosas, and a variety of delicacies that we typically do not make ourselves at home. We have our multicultural cutouts […]