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In-Motion: The African American Migration Experience

In the U.S., migration is both history and destiny. From the arrival of the First Nations of native peoples, to European explorers seeking treasure and religious freedom, to the mass involuntary migrations of enslaved Africans, to the trans-oceanic migrations of yesterday and the ongoing global migrations of today, migration defines the American experience. Migration is […]

Suitcase Stories: U-Meleni and her destiny to be herself

U-Meleni Mhlaba-Adebo is a storyteller, artist, musician, and a poet. Born in the U.S., to parents from what was then Rhodesia, U-Meleni spent much of her childhood in Zimbabwe and South Africa, before returning to the United States. She shares that journey in the following excerpt from WORLD channel’s Stories from the Stage.  Episode 14: U-Meleni's Destiny […]

Educator Spotlight: Engaging Stories of Migration to Tell Our Own

Elena Maker, a teacher at Blackstone Academy in Rhode Island,  is developing a student storytelling project with English Learners that will culminate in a public presentation for civic and community leaders. Throughout the project, she will Re-Imagining Migration’s Moving Stories app to elicit student’s stories and encourage students to practice empathy by listening to their […]

Assimilation and a Yearning for Tradition

1965 Dear Editor, I have often read the “Bintel Brief” to learn how you have suggested solutions for the problems of your readers. Now, I would like to tell you my problem. It is difficult for me to write Yiddish so I am writing you in English. I am a young man of twenty years […]

A Shopgirl’s Story

1907 Dear Editor, I am one of the unfortunate girls thrown fate by into a dark and dismal shop, and I need your counsel. Along with my parents, sisters and brothers, I came from Russian Poland where I had been well educated. But because of the terrible things going on in Russia we were forced […]

Beyond Teaching English: Supporting High School Completion by Immigrant and Refugee Students

On November 2, 2017, The Migration Policy Institute released an important report about ways that schools can support high school and refugee students. In their press release for the report, the writers at MPI explained: The stakes for newcomer students, their school districts and communities are high, as the report notes. For the students, the […]

Anti-Semitism and Bigotry at Work

1907 Worthy Editor, I am eighteen years old and a machinist by trade. During the past year, I suffered a great deal because I am a Jew. It is common knowledge that my trade is run mainly by the Gentiles and, working among the Gentiles, I have seen things that cast a dark shadow on the […]