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Talking and Teaching about the US Supreme Court Ruling – September 11, 2019 

by Aakanksha Gupta On September 11, 2019, the US Supreme Court authorized President Trump to deny asylum to migrants at the southern border. This order permits the administration to enforce the third country rule, requiring refugees to seek asylum in a safe country prior to reaching the US. As one of many recent policy measures […]

Reflecting on the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, 1911

Much of the history of labor in the United States is tied to the treatment of immigrant workers. The clip below is from an episode of PBS’s American Experience series focusing on the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire that broke out in March 1911. Immigrant workers, mainly women, were trapped in the Triangle Shirtwaist factory as it […]

Article: The doner kebab, an unlikely symbol of European identity

The doner kebab, a typical “German” meal? Jason M Ramos, CC BY Pierre Raffard, Sorbonne Université Has the doner kebab become a political issue in Europe? While the idea might seem humorous, this is a serious question. Alongside the hamburger, the doner kebab is one of France’s most popular fast-food dishes. It has also attracted […]