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Article: The doner kebab, an unlikely symbol of European identity

The doner kebab, a typical “German” meal? Jason M Ramos, CC BY Pierre Raffard, Sorbonne Université Has the doner kebab become a political issue in Europe? While the idea might seem humorous, this is a serious question. Alongside the hamburger, the doner kebab is one of France’s most popular fast-food dishes. It has also attracted […]

Spotlight: Brenda Ávila-Hanna, New Day Films

We recently had the chance to speak with Brenda Ávila-Hanna, an award-winning filmmaker and educator. Born and raised in Mexico City, she creates films that focus on transnational stories between Latin America and the U.S. Brenda is currently a Fellow for the National Minority Consortia Lab through LPB and a recipient of Bay Area’s Video […]

Spotlight: Denzil Mohammed, Immigrant Learning Center

by Aakanksha Gupta We live in an era of mass migration — an era of 1 billion people on the move, 258 million living outside of their native countries and 68.5 million displaced people in the world. This goes beyond a recent phenomenon, as migration has been a fundamental part of our shared history as […]